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Like several of my songs, “Molo Mama” is a very personal song, inspired by the difficulties of being far away from one’s home or family for a very long time. It tells the story of how I lost the connection between myself and my mother – how the emotional distance mirrored the physical one. It is becoming less and less uncommon for people everywhere to leave their maternal or paternal homes, villages, cities and countries in search of a better life and sometime we get caught up in the goals we have set for the new life we are building and lose touch with home. This song is an opportunity to send a message of assurance not only to mothers, but all loved ones affected by separation, to let them know that even though we may not talk as often, they must know and trust that life is treating us well, and we hope for the day to return home and say “Molo Mama”.





I am an independent Electronic Music Producer and Performer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a qualified Sound Engineer and Electronic Music Programmer after studying at Cape Audio College. This enabled me to compose and produce my own music – which in turn led me to establish my own “sound”. A fusion of Kwaito, House, Afro-Beats and expressive vocals, with an undertone of electronic synths. Aggressive and sometimes soulful vocal performance. “It’s Dance Music! It’s not about making sense, but making you dance”.